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Around Wigtown Walk


This short walk from Wigtown in The Machars of Wigtownshire climbs gently via Lovers' Walk, with wonderful views across Wigtown Bay, then returns variously by minor road, old railway track and lane to the estuary of the River Bladnoch and thence back to Wigtown. The walk visits two monuments raised to the memory of the 'Wigtown Martyrs', local Covenanters who were executed for their cause during the long years of religious intolerance - the 'Killing Times' - notably the two Margarets chained to a stake in 1685 and left to drown in the tidal Bladnoch.

En route the walk also visits a birdwatching hide, the better to view the wading birds on the mudflats and salt marshes of Wigtown Bay, Britain's largest local nature reserve, noted particularly for the pink-footed geese which congregate here in vast numbers between October and April. The original course of the walk has had to be rerouted owing to the closure, maybe temporarily, of the embanked path across the salt marsh to avoid disturbance to nesting birds in the lagoon.

The scenery hereabouts is dominated by stunning views of Cairnsmore of Fleet (2,331ft) and its subsidiary hills across the bay; and the evocative call of the curlew is likely to beguile the walker throughout his gentle perambulations. 

Since 2004 a pair of ospreys has nested annually in this area and successfully raised several chicks. Recorded and live video footage may be viewed in the Wigtown County Buildings from May to September, Mondays to Saturdays from 10am to 5pm and Sundays from 2 to 5pm.

Finally, the delights of many bookshops await the browser in 'Scotland's National Book Town'.

For local weather forecasts and other relevant information and services visit www.gallowaymrt.org.uk for Galloway Mountain Rescue's excellent website.

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