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Clacton - Holland - Frinton - Walton - Shopping Village Walk


Clacton - Holland - Great Holland - Frinton - Walton - Shopping Village

Whichever option you choose for this walk (or walks) you will have plenty to interest you. You will pass Victoria Road in Clacton, where a German plane unloaded unused bombs on its return from London and caused the first deaths in this country in WW2. Along the seafront you will be walking alongside, above or even below a seven-mile tunnel, recently constructed in world record time. This copes with storm water and sewage. 

You will pass two nature reserves (one renowned for its nightingales). The chances are you will see Thames barges, sturdy vessels with rust-red sails which make a beautiful sight. These boats were used in the construction of Clacton towards the end of the 1800s. You will pass a tall radar tower which checks shipping across the whole extent of the Thames Estuary. 

Depending when you do the walk you may also see a large wind farm offshore. Its construction is currently at the planning stage. You can enjoy three very different seaside resorts. 

Clacton faces south and has been popular as a watering place since Victoria's heyday. Frinton is inhabited by the wealthy and famous and is considered very select. It has only recently and very reluctantly permitted the opening of a fish and chip shop and a (very smart) pub. Its main street is nicknamed the Bond Street of the east coast. 

The climate hereabouts is much drier and warmer than in the rest of Britain. Finally, towards the end of your walk you will pass the secondary school attended by Sade. She lived in Holland-on-Sea at the time. This can be made into a series of walks and can be enjoyed in any season.

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