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Creswell Crags and Belph Spoil Walk


The walk starts by walking along the impressive limestone gorge of Creswell Crags. See www.creswell-crags.org.uk for more details, but here is an extract:

'This stunning gorge is studded with caves and smaller fissures. 

The caves were used by Ice Age hunters as a seasonal camp over 45,000 years ago. These hunters came following herds of mammoth, bison and reindeer as they migrated to their summer grazing lands. Creswell Crags was at that time one of the most northerly places in ancient man's territory.

Archaeologists, exploring the caves, have found fossil animal bones including mammoth and hyena and flintstone tools left behind by the hunters.

The earliest known cave art, dating back 12,000 years, was recently found in Church Hole Cave.

Cave tours are one of the most popular activities on the site. An experienced guide takes you from the Visitor Centre into the gorge and to Robin Hood Cave, the largest of the caves.
Most of the caves however, are not open to the public and are protected by metal grills to preserve the rare archaeological deposits that remain inside'.
After skirting the village of Creswell itself, a pleasant woodland stroll takes us up to the start of a long stretch along quiet roads. This takes to Belph Spoil. No one would call the landscape on this spoil heap 'pretty', but it is has a strange, almost alien quality that makes it a pleasure to walk.

Following Belph Spoil, a good path and a woodland track take us back to the visitor centre.

Dog-walkers please note the presence of some distinctly dog-unfriendly stiles. Also, the pavement-free 50m on a B-road at Waymark 8 could give cause for concern.

For a shorter version of this walk, see Walk 3980. For a longer version, see Walk 3978.

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