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Hethpool - Trowupburn - Elsdonburn - Hethpool Walk


Hethpool - Great Hetha - Trowupburn - Eccles Cairn - Elsdonburn - Hethpool

The College Valley is one of the best-kept secrets of the Cheviots. Choose a clear day for this walk and you will be rewarded by the many spectacular views along the way.

The walk starts by following the College Valley road until joining a path winding uphill to Great Hetha hill-fort, one of the most impressive of the College Valley hill-forts, where there are panoramic views of the College Valley and the high hills of the Cheviots - a short, steep climb but well worth the effort.

After descending gently downhill to Trowupburn, the path climbs high up on the side of the valley above Trowup Burn on a wide, grassy path giving wonderful views of the Cheviot Hills to the south. As the path crosses moorland, the three Eildon Hills, or Trimontium as the Romans called them, near Melrose, come into view in the distance.

After crossing the border into Scotland, the walk then joins the Pennine Way for a while before following St Cuthbert's Way back to England.  Passing Eccles Cairn, the path continues through a wood and then onto Elsdonburn to pick up a quiet, well-surfaced track alongside Elsdon Burn back to Hethpool.

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