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Smithfield Walk

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Smithfield is one of the most historic places in London. It has the remains of a Roman wall, some of the oldest churches and some rare Jacobean houses. It is also the only surviving food market in central London.

This free walk will take you past:
Barbican - flattened by World War II bombs it was rebuilt containing a major arts complex
Charterhouse - which contains a school where John Wesley studied
Fox and Anchor - open at 5.30am for Smithfield market traders

Look out for the paid walk which takes you further including:
Cloth Fair - which has houses that survived the 1666 Great Fire
Smithfield Market - where live cattle were sold until the mid-19th century 
St Bartholomew-the-Great - one of London's oldest churches founded in 1123 by a monk named Rahere

Start point: Barbican

Length: around 1 mile
Time: around 1 hour

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