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Robin Hood's Sherwood Forest Walk

Real Robin Hood

In the years that Robin Hood was alive Sherwood Forest was very different to how it looks now.

Its area was estimated at 100,000 acres (around 409 km2) at the time of the Norman Conquest and would have covered most of Nottinghamshire north of the River Trent. Modern Sherwood Forest Country Park, by contrast, now covers just 450 acres although there are plans to increase its size.   

It would not have been just forest but rather a mix of wood, heathland and scrub.
The forest was for the nobility. The king and his men would have hunted red deer whereas the peasants were subject to strict Forest Laws - a man caught poaching could have his hand cut off. 

This walk starts at the car park of the Sherwood Forest Country Park. It visits: 
Major Oak, possibly the most famous tree in England, a huge oak tree in the heart of Sherwood Forest where, according to local folklore, Robin Hood and his merry men slept; 
Robin Hood Way;
St Edwin's Cross which marks the origins of Edwinstowe;

Not on the walk but, if you're in the area, you might also want to visit St. Mary's of Edwinstowe which is the church where legend says that Robin Hood married Maid Marian. It's situated at the heart of Sherwood Forest, less than a mile from the Major Oak -- Robin's reputed hiding place.

Walk length: around 7.0 miles (4 hours)

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