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Hampstead - Artists and Writers Walk

Off The Beaten Track

Hampstead was once a retreat for artists seeking to escape from urban London to Hampstead's more rural feel and is known for its intellectual, liberal, artistic, musical and literary associations and for the large and hilly parkland, Hampstead Heath.

Now, it is home to some of the most expensive housing in the London area, or indeed anywhere in the world, with large houses selling for up to £ 50m in 2008. The village of Hampstead has more millionaires within its boundaries than any other area of the United Kingdom.

This walk takes you through some of the notable points of Hampstead including:
Flask Walk - an alley of charming shops,
John Constable's former residence,
Burgh House - built in 1702
Jack Straw's Castle - named after one of the rebels from the 14th century Peasants' Revolt 
Grove Lodge - home to John Galsworthy, author of the Forsyte Saga
Fenton House which has a garden much unchanged since the 17th century

This walk has a route overlay which guides you through the walk. However, there are a few places (such as Constable's House) which are off the suggested route. If you decide to visit these additional places your walk may take 30 - 60 minutes longer.

Walk length: 1.5 miles
Total time: 1 hour 30 minutes

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